On the pleasant evening of July 5, Mongolian clothing brand Monalun held its very first independent fashion show Silk Road 2017 at Choijin Lama Temple Museum, one of the most ancient and historically significant places in Mongolia.
The stage, lightening, decoration, performances, and buffet was “perfect”, according to one participant, but the show didn’t start on time, as is the tendency in Mongolia.
After waiting for an hour, the fashion show was opened with the wonderful and exciting performance of Khuree Tsam (a religious masked dance).
Performers dancing Khuree Tsam
Performers dancing Khuree Tsam
As the rhythmic sound of hammered dulcimer rang out at the museum, host of the show G.Mend-Amar “Meedee” of Camerton band announced that the show was about to begin to the waiting audiences.
The founder of Monalun, designer B.Nomungerel, launched a new collection “Migrating Crane” that combines past and modern clothing designs.
The top 40 models of Mongolia wore designs and walked the runway at Monalun’s first show. The nuances and palate of “Migrating Crane” collection were described as “feminine and colorful”.
“Migrating Crane” collection was fully decorated using, accessories, feather, and embroidery. The feathery elements used in skirts, crop tops, and sleeves of dresses made the collection unique and more modern.
Models also wore various colored ankle-high sheer stocking with high heels making them look mischievous and naughty.
Silk Road 2017 closed with a piano performance by B.Batchuluun of Niciton. He sang two of Niciton’s hit songs “Tsamtsaa Tail” (Take Off Your Shirt) and “Chi Miniikh” (You Are Mine).
B.Batchuluun singing You're Mine
B.Batchuluun singing You’re Mine



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