German traveler, geographer, and journalist Robert Mohr started his tour around the world on an electric bicycle in May. He began his trip from the capital of Norway, Oslo, and stopped in Mongolia for eight days and left for Shanghai, China on July 4.

Mohr, 51, is aiming to become the first traveler to tour the world on electric bicycle and make the Guinness World Records.

He also wants to show the advantages of electric bicycles and prove just how important exercise is to the human body.

Mohr has so far traveled to Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Russia and Mongolia on his electric bike. Currently, he is in China and will continue his travel to the USA, Spain, France and Germany.

The following is a brief interview with Robert Mohr.

We heard you traveled around the world several times. How many countries have you been to?

Mongolia is the 145th country I’ve ever been to. I traveled 32,000 km by electric car, manufactured by Kewet brand of Denmark, between 1992 and 1993.

This time, I chose an electric bicycle named “Buddy Bike”, made in Norway, as my travel partner. I wish more people knew about this economically beneficial and eco-friendly vehicle and its importance. I hope that people might stop using fuel burning vehicles if I prove electric vehicles can endure long trips. I plan to travel until October.

How and where do you charge your electric bike?

I am carrying three batteries with me. I charge each of those every 70 km, which means I can cross 210 km road on my electric bicycle. It is easy to charge them.

Sometimes there is no electricity due to bad weather conditions in the countryside.

How did you overcome this problem?

One time, I couldn’t charge my bicycle because of a rainy and windy situation when I was in the region of Altai Mountains. Mongolian people have so many methods to solve problems. Mongolians started my bike by hand-cranking it.

For your information, we can use this electric bike without a battery like a regular bicycle.

How do you feel about Mongolia? Do you like it here?

I think Mongolians are very polite, hospitable and friendly. In my opinion, the countryside roads are harmless to travelers on bicycles because there are fewer vehicles than in the city.

Some cars almost scraped me or honked at me in Russian territory. That was very annoying. Mongolians didn’t do that to me. They were slowing down and freed the road for me, and waved at me.

For food, I can eat everything. Ulaanbaatar has a variety of choices for food and I found everything I needed from here.



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