The Deeltei Mongol (Mongolians in Deel) Festival has become a customary event of the National Naadam Festival. The 11th Deeltei Mongol Festival will be organized by the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office and Ulaanbaatar Tourism Department at Sukhbaatar Square on July 10.

Deeltei Mongol promotes traditional Mongolian garment and accessories, through which it hopes to instill pride in the Mongolian heritage, educate Mongolia’s younger generations, and develop a deeper understanding of Mongolian culture.

During the festival, participants wear the most elaborate deels in existence. Awards will be given to participants with the best deels.

The award categories include: best-dressed boy and girl, best foreigner wearing deel, best pair dancers wearing deel, best couple wearing deel, the most beautiful deel, and the most active organization. Since its inauguration, the festival has attracted more and more attention from tourists.

The highlight of this year’s Deeltei Mongol is to introduce the biggest Hunnu deel for the public.

During the festival, a parade of people wearing deel, knucklebone shooting contest, Mongolian national clothing fair, fashion show, and an exhibition of Mongolian ger (national dwelling), handicrafts and carvings will be organized.

The closing ceremony of the festival, Deeltei Disco Fashion Party, will take place at Night Light Street in Seoul Street.


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