The Mompreneur Union of Mongolia (MUM) has kicked off the Pink Priority Seat campaign to help pregnant women secure a seat on buses.

The NGO founded by a group of young mothers is partnering with the Ulaanbaatar Child and Family Development Center and Ulaanbaatar Transportation Authority on the implementation of the campaign. One-thousand pink seat covers for buses will be handed over to the First Bus Park on June 30 at 3:00 p.m.

The pink seats placed in public buses
The pink seats placed in public buses

The campaign initiators are confident that the campaign will bring a positive change to supporting pregnant women and creating a family friendly environment. The new pink seats will remind commuters to give their seats to pregnant women, make it easier for expectant mothers to find a seat in buses, and take Mongolia a step closer to becoming a polite and thoughtful society that shows more support the comfort and care of pregnant women using public transport, a member of MUM noted.

“Most mothers avoid leaving their home and traveling on buses to avoid uncomfortable passage. Looking at this perspective, the pink seats will make mothers want to go out more and provide a safe and healthy environment for pregnant women and mothers traveling with their child,” she added.

Members of MUM first united under the same interest to help fellow mothers and expectant people through the Facebook page Mother’s Group. They reportedly sold pregnancy journals entitled “365” that can be used for 365 days to raise money for making pink seat covers.

A couple of years ago, the city administrations initiated the Yellow Seat project to help people living with disabilities and seniors find seats in public transportation. However, the project didn’t get the desired results as the public lacked information about the project. MUM assured that they will make sure that their campaign doesn’t fail by building an advertisement corner to promote pink seats. MUM plans to clean and take care of pink seat covers with the money they raise.



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