A new car park for 200 vehicles is now available on the south side of Sukhbaatar Square.

An area of 6,650 square meters was stripped of soil and covered with asphalt to accommodate the new car park, which was built from June 5 to June 23. The new car park’s opening was held on June 29, which was attended by General Manager of Ulaanbaatar T.Gantumur and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold.

Opening of a new car parking at Sukhbaatar Square
Opening of a new car parking at Sukhbaatar Square

Street lamps, seats, sidewalks, and drainage systems have been set up at the car park, which will contribute in reducing traffic near the city center, provide a better living condition, and improve the city appearance, according to T.Gantumur, the general manager and head of the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office.

City authorities reported that 25 percent of Ulaanbaatar traffic is attributed to insufficient parking areas in the city center.

“Professional organizations identified that there are around 70 locations which can be used as parking areas in Ulaanbaatar through a survey. It was viewed that it’s possible to reduce traffic in the city by 25 percent by building outdoor and indoor parking areas in these locations,” Mayor S.Batbold noted during the opening of the new car park.

“We had schemed out what to do with the southern part of Sukhbaatar Square for many years. After careful evaluation and assessment, city officials believed that it would be best to renovate it into a parking area,” the mayor said, and expressed his gratitude to ESTO LLC for completing the construction of the car park within a short period of time.

The car park has three reserved disability parking bays to assist people living with disabilities.



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