Flights from UB to Australia and Singapore to commence on July 12


Mongolian Airlines (MIAT) and Cathay Pacific announced a new codeshare agreement, and starting on July 12, 2017, MIAT will place its “OM” code on select Cathay Pacific services between Hong Kong and Singapore, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, and Cathay Pacific will place its “CX” code on MIAT’s four-time weekly service between Hong Kong and Ulaanbaatar.

Cathay Pacific Chief Customer and Commercial Officer Paul Loo welcomed the new partnership, saying the agreement underlines the airline’s commitment to provide its customers with enhanced connectivity to an ever increasing number of new destinations.

“We are very happy to work with MIAT Mongolian Airlines in adding Ulaanbaatar to our expanding global network,” said Loo. “Mongolia is an at- tractive destination in that it appeals to both tourists and business travelers alike, thanks to its pristine natural landscapes, rich culture, and rapid development. Ulaanbaatar is quickly making a name for itself as an important business hub, one which we expect to grow on the back of this new agreement.”

MIAT Mongolian Airlines President and CEO Tamir Tumurbaatar added,“This is a winning step for both airlines and will provide our passengers with convenient access to Singapore and Australia via the super hub in Hong Kong.The codeshare and interline agreement brings advantages for the passengers of both MIAT Mongolian Airlines and Cathay Pacific because our route networks complement each other perfectly. This cooperation is very significant for our landlocked country’s national flag carrier.”

The Ministry of Roads and Transportation Development reported that the ministry will be working to add even more flights to the route, while also working to decrease the average cost of flights.


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