“Yavuuliin Khun” (Passer by), produced by MSC Media producer O.Urantuya and directed by D.Bayarsaikhan, was selected to compete in the Russian Trace category of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival, which is taking place in Moscow, Russia, from June 22 to 29.

Well-known Mongolian actors N.Yalalt and Miss World 2016 contestant A.Bayartsetseg star in the film.

“Passerby” is a story about the simple lives of Mongolia’s last nomads. These nomads have adapted to development and urban life. There are parents who miss their children, a wife waiting for her husband, and kids who miss their dad. These characters’ loved ones have left to find a better life.

A man receives news that his father is very ill, so he decides to return  to his hometown after 10 years. Unfortunately, he’s too late and his father has passed away. He decides to stay and see his younger brother married off, but his younger brother’s fiancee falls in love with him.

“Passerby” was screened at Multiplex Cinema in Moscow on June 25, to an audience of Mongolians living in Moscow, film critics, journalists, and festival goers.


Following the screening, Mongolian Ambassador to Russia B.Delgermaa accepted honors from the festival jury on behalf of A.Bayartsetseg, executive producer B.Mendsaikhan, and actor A.Altantur.

Ambassador Delgermaa (middle), A.Bayartsetseg (right)
Ambassador B.Delgermaa (middle), A.Bayartsetseg (right)


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