Prime Minister meets with Russian and Chinese commerce organization leaders


On Thursday, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat received President of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin and Vice Chairman of China’s Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chen Zhou, to discuss economic cooperation between the three countries.

The representatives from Russia and China were in Ulaanbaatar to participate in the 13th meeting on trade and economic cooperation between the three countries.

The Prime Minister stressed that maintaining long-term friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation with the two countries is a key piece of Mongolia’s foreign policy.

Katyrin noted that this week’s meeting brought together representatives from 350 enterprises from the three countries, including representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises, to discuss how to deal with the challenges they face and to promote cooperative opportunities. He said that he hopes the governments of the three countries will incorporate the results of the meeting in their state policies on economic cooperation.

Zhou emphasized that over 150 enterprises have joined the Mongolian and Chinese cooperation council that was recently established in Beijing, and that Mongolian enterprises have the opportunity to join the council or collaborate with its members to boost economic cooperation. Zhou asked Prime Minister J.Erdenebat to further focus on developing regional cooperation.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat noted that an agreement on implementing the economic corridor program is the most important document for developing cooperation between the three countries in all fields. He noted that there are many opportunities to develop trade and economic cooperation with other countries by taking advantage of the economic corridor.