Election campaigns launched yesterday


Candidates for the June’s presidential election officially launched their campaigns on Tuesday. The Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Kh.Battulga, launched his campaign in Chinggis, the capital of Khentii Province. He highlighted that Khentii Province was the first destination for his campaign because the province is Chinggis Khaan’s birthplace.

In making the election campaign’s opening remarks, Kh.Battulga emphasized that if he becomes the next president, he will work to make Mongolia a developed country by destroying the corrupt political system that has put pressure on its citizen’s shoulders by increasing taxes and making money by selling government positions.

Kh.Battulga visited the province’s central hospital to hear about the challenges facing doctors, hospital staff, and patients. Representatives from the hospital emphasized that despite moving into a new building, the hospital needs to buy much needed equipment. Kh.Battulga underlined that he has included comprehensive proposals to deal with a lot of challenges facing the healthcare sector in his action plan.

When he met with the province’s police officers, they told him that they face heavy workloads every day, but their salaries are very low and they are required to take out salary loans. They told the DP candidate that the state needs to take care of social affairs for police officers.

The Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) candidate, M.Enkhbold, announced his action plan for his presidency at the headquarters of the MPP, and then headed to Dornod Province to introduce his action plan to local residents. M.Enkhbold claimed that the two major points of his plan are to overcome the nation’s economic difficulties and to eliminate the unfriendly differences between Mongolians that have occurred in recent years.

S.Ganbaatar, the MPRP’s nominee, started his election campaign at Sukhbaatar Square, and told people gathered there that he has a plan to create a transparent government and society by destroying bureaucratic government systems.