By order of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation Development, to improve the quality and capacity of inter-city transportation services, Meta Tech has introduced their TVM system for automating the selling of passenger tickets at Dragon Transportation Service Center.

D. Batbayar, from the National Auto Transportation Control Center, said that the ticket selling machine is now selling inter-city bus tickets now, but will soon be able to sell train and airplane tickets.

If the one-month test period for the TVM system is successful, more ticket machines will be available in large malls and service centers. Customers let the machine scan their passport and then select their destination to print a ticket. Credit or debit cards must be used to make payment for tickets.

General Director of Meta Tech D.Erdenebat said, “We made a multi-function machine by order of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation Development. First, they will sell inter-city bus tickets, then will be selling tickets for domestic flights and trains. This ticket selling system is designed to be more accurate, to eliminate problems, and to offer more secure, sufficient, and quick service.”

This machine currently only accepts payment by credit or debit card. Enter your PIN code on the machine and choose a transportation type.

Instructions are provided in both Mongolian and English. The machines accept domestic and international Visa and Master Card payment cards and can issue a receipt.

Tickets are printed with the passenger’s surname and last name, registration number, transportation mode, the name of the transportation service provider, ticket number, seat number, destination, date, time, and ticket price.



  1. Will that be optional or mandatory? What about people who don’t have or want a credit or debit card? No way to buy a ticket with cash anymore? What happens during power or internet outages?


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