Discussion held on improving the quality of higher education

Discussion of higher education at the State House

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sciences, and Sports and the Standing Committee on Social Policy, Education, Culture and Science (SCSPECS) organized a discussion of the challenges facing the higher education system on Monday at the State House.

Minister of Education, Culture, Sciences, and Sports J.Batsuuri, MPs, state education officials, and directors, lecturers, and researchers from universities participated in the discussion to talk about how to improve the quality of higher education.

Head of the SCSPECS L.Enkh-Amgalan stated that developed countries concentrate on educating their students to help them become globally competitive and competent citizens, and they evaluate the job placement rates of universities.

L.Enkh-Amgalan said Mongolia needs to enhance the legal and regulatory environment to raise the number of students who graduate to become globally competitive and to enroll new students based on the demands or the job market.

Minister J.Batsuuri pointed out that the ministry is working on developing university-based research, and that the ministry would work to include the initiatives, recommendations, and conclusions from the discussion in the higher education policies developed by the government.


  1. The Mongolian higher education system suffers from very uneven quality. In part this comes from oversupply from private providers. Solutions: benchmark against leading overseas suppliers, reduce supply from unsatisfactory private suppliers, and establish a national higher education quality body with the ability to deregister education suppliers evaluated as being of low standard. Oh, and punish corrupt practices severely.

    It would also be sensible to reduce the marked oversupply in business courses given that many graduates can’t get jobs.

    Last, lift entry standards. It appears private suppliers like money so much they are willing to accept very low standard students. While every parent wants their children to attend university, sadly, not all students are well enough prepared to succeed at university. Well, that’s a start, anyway.