Agricultural Minister discusses increasing meat exports with China

Minister P.Sergelen (left) meets with China’s Minister Han Changfu

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry P.Sergelen paid a working visit to China to develop more agricultural cooperation between the two nations. Minister P.Sergelen met with China’s Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu to discuss expediting the implementation of agreements that were reached during Prime Minister J.Erdenebat’s visit to China last week.

P.Sergelen emphasized that the main purpose of his visit was to increase meat exports from Mongolia to China and to deal with the challenges of meat export. Minister Han stated that the two countries have the opportunity to work together to process livestock products, fight zoonotic diseases, and improve inspection at some immigration and customs check points along the Mongolian and Chinese border.

Ambassador of Mongolia to China D.Gankhuyag pointed out that during the visits to China made by representatives from the Government of Mongolia within the past two weeks, officials have determined how Mongolia will collaborate with China for the next three or four years, as well as future plans to develop Mongolia’s agricultural sector.

During his visit to China, Minister P.Sergelen visited research institutes and laboratories studying agricultural product processing to learn about their operations. He and Chinese representatives discussed how to develop collaboration between the research institutes of the two countries to study fertilizers that are suitable for Mongolian soil and pesticides that effectively protect plants from weeds and insects.

The sides also agreed to send Mongolian agricultural specialists to study at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.