Bus routes for getting to the city center: 1) 3rd and 4th khoroolol - Ch39 and Ch51 will stop at Bayanburd and the Post Office. Ch2, Ch37 and Ch49 will stop at Bumbugur Trade Center; 2) Western region - Ch1 will stop at Jiguur Grand and the Traffic Police Department. Ch3, Ch40, Ch47, Ch57, andCh59 will stop at Bumbugur Trade Center and Bayanburd; 3) Northern region - Ch23, CH28, and XO2 will stop at Post Office; 4) Zaisan and 120 bus stop - Ch8,CH52, Ch55 will stop at Jiguur Grand, Western Intersection and Bumbugur Trade Center; 5) Nisekh, Yarmag - Ch8, CH52, and Ch55 will stop at Jiguur Grand, Western Intersection, Bumbugur Trade Center. Ch53 will stop at National Stadium; 6) Eastern region - Ch1 and Ch50 will stop at National Cancer Center, Traffic Police Department. Ch2, Ch40, Ch50, Ch37, CH57, and CH59 will stop at Sansar Petrol Station, 100 Ail, and Mongolian-Russian School No.3.

Bus routes have been altered for the International Ulaanbaatar Marathon, set to be held on the annual Car-Free Day.

The eighth Car-Free Day has been scheduled on May 20 to encourage residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle with exercise and reduce air pollution caused by vehicles within the scope of the Friendly Ulaanbaatar Program.

Roads spanning from Western Intersection to Eastern Intersection, including Baga Toiruu, Peace Avenue, Seoul Street, Beijing Street, Ankara Street, and Sambuu Street will be closed from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Public Transportation Department has instructed drivers of 331 public buses of Route No.34 to stop on Ikh Toiruu Street in the north, and Sun Road and Namiyanju Street in the south instead of usual bus stops.

Trolleybuses from Tavan Shar to Botanik, Botanik to Vokzal, and from the 3rd and 4th khoroos to Officer’s Palace will not operate on May 20. Large markets and trade centers in the area will close on car-free day as well.

The international Ulaanbaatar Marathon will start from Chinggis Square with a route stretching more than 42 kilometers across the capital.


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