Prime Minister J.Erdenebat visits China


Prime Minister J.Erdenebat is currently visiting China, and met with Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang to discuss trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, as well as environmental protection and climate change.

During their meeting, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat emphasized that increasing the export of mining products and agricultural products from Mongolia to China will be of great importance to dealing with Mongolia’s economic challenges. The premiers discussed working together to implement a comprehensive project for producing finished products, synthetic gas, and fuel from coal from the Tavan Tolgoi mine.

They also discussed increasing capacity at some immigration and customs checkpoints along the Mongolian and Chinese border, and launching flights between China and Europe using Mongolian airspace. They agreed to work together on a project to help Ulaanbaatar reduce its air pollution.

Prime Minister Li said that China is ready to collaborate with Mongolia to reduce its air pollution based on its own experience with the challenge. The prime ministers also discussed cooperating on reducing the impact of climate change through the framework of the China South-South Climate Cooperation Fund.

After their meeting, a number of memorandums and other documents were signed by state authorities of the two countries. The documents covered the following items: developing roads and transportation; promoting humanitarian cooperation; strengthening investment, trade, and economic cooperation; developing innovation; launching a project to save the Gobi bear; building public schools and kindergartens in Mongolia; establishing a free-trade agreement between the two countries; and abiding by quarantine and sanitation regulations for exporting meat products. Mongolian and Chinese companies have signed memorandums of cooperation on building a bridge, power transmission cables, and a power substation with financing from a Chinese soft loan.

Agreements were also signed on opening a meat processing factory, and on buying and selling electricity. President of China Xi Jinping received Prime Minister J.Erdenebat to discuss bilateral ties. President Xi pointed out that since his visit to Mongolia in 2014, the two countries have carried out a number of projects and have seen better income from partnerships.

The Prime Minister underlined that developing friendly relations with China is a key piece of Mongolia’s foreign policy, and that there should be a greater focus on developing Mongolia’s comprehensive strategic partnership with China, increasing trade turnover, and improving trade structure. The sides agreed that Mongolia is an important piece of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and that Mongolia has the opportunity to improve its development by actively participating in it.

The President noted that China is granting nonrefundable aid of 350 million CNY to Mongolia, and will grant another two billion CNY to Mongolia in the next three years to help Mongolia deal with its economic difficulties. He emphasized that to improve agricultural cooperation between the two countries, China is ready to collaborate to increase meat export and to improve the health of Mongolian livestock.

President Xi stressed that working together to develop the Tavan Tolgoi mining project; to build railway and a power substation for the project; and to build a copper factory at the Oyu Tolgoi mine will be of significant importance to bringing cohesion to the development strategies of the two countries.


On Saturday, while in Beijing, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat met with Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Mihaly Orban, who was also participating in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, which is being held through May 15.

During the meeting, the PMs discussed enriching mutual relations by developing trade and economic cooperation, manufacturing finished products from Mongolian mining and agricultural products, and increasing the quota for scholarships from the Government of Hungary granted to Mongolian students.

Prime Minister Orban said that it is possible to increase trade turnover between Hungary and Mongolia. He asked PM J.Erdenebat to focus on expediting the projects that the two countries are implementing, such as the restoration of Mongolia’s largest biotechnology firm, Biocombinat. At the end of their meeting, the sides agreed to maintain friendly relations and to boost trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat also met with the President of the Council of Polish Ministers, Beata Szydlo. The Prime Minister was asked to help support Poland in investing in the Mongolian mining sector, facilitating student exchanges, launching a program to teach Polish in Mongolian universities, and to work together in paleontology.