The 2017 Mongolian Economic Forum has been postponed again, this time by a decision from Prime Minister J.Erdenebat, who cited three reasons for the postponement.

The forum was scheduled to be held from March 30 to 31, but was pushed back to May 18 to 19. Now it has been delayed indefinitely by order of the Prime Minister.

PM J.Erdenebat cited three reasons for the postponement. The primary reason is waiting for the nation’s enrollment in an extended fund facility program with the International Monetary Fund. The PM said that it would be wise to wait until the program enrollment is finalized, as the economic policy and topics of the forum will be clear by then.

The second reason given for the delay is the upcoming presidential election. Preparations for the election could overshadow the forum and decrease productivity, explained J.Erdenebat. He added that economics need to be discussed without politics involved.

The PM’s third and final reason for the forum’s postponement is that the government needs to look at the results of the previous forums and correct mistakes. “If the forum had concrete results, our economy wouldn’t be in the state it is in today,” the PM noted.

J.Erdenebat concluded the order by saying that Mongolia can gather people and bring in special guests and participants from foreign countries, but tangible results from the forum is what’s most important.


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