Amendments to the Criminal Code approved


Thursday’s session of Parliament included a final review of amendments to the Criminal Code, which were ultimately approved with a majority vote in favor of the changes.

Under the Criminal Code, when the CEO of an enterprise was found guilty of having violated the law through involvement in money laundering, terrorism, bribery, environmental abuse, actions that threaten the nation’s economic security, or the abuse of state property, only the CEO would be held accountable.

Deputy Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs B.Enkhbayar noted that the newly amended Criminal Code outlines that not only will the individual CEO in violation of the law be held accountable for these crimes, but people pressuring that individual to make a decision that violates the law will also be punished. The Deputy Minister underlined that the Criminal Code had over 80 sections on imposing penalties on legal bodies, but that the amended legislation now has fewer than 30.

During parliamentary review of the amendments to the code, MP M.Bilegt said that the new version of the law would have a negative impact on enterprises, and MP Ts.Davaasuren stated that fines for cases of defamation should be raised.

Under the new amendments, a person who is found guilty of defamation will be fined 2.5 million MNT, and MP Ts.Davaasuren believes the leniency of the fine will help yellow journalism flourish in Mongolia. The newly amended version of the Criminal Code will take effect on July 1.