Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party names N.Enkhbayar its presidential candidate

Former President N.Enkhbayar

On May 5, during the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party’s (MPRP) conference to nominate its presidential candidate, conference delegates unanimously voted for former president N.Enkhbayar to represent the party in the presidential election.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Ts.Oyunbaatar, former Minister of Health N.Udval, and representatives of civic movements held a press conference on Friday to discuss the MPRP’s candidate selection.

They stated that the MPRP will submit all documents required for N.Enkhbayar’s candidacy to the Mongolian General Election Commission (MGEC) to register him as a qualified candidate.

During the press conference, a journalist asked the MPRP representatives if the party would nomine another candidate if the MGEC denied N.Enkhbayar’s registration.

The party’s representatives said that the MPRP and civic movements will protest if N.Enkhbayar’s registration is denied, and that there is no alternative choice for the party’s presidential candidate.

The MPRP believes that N.Enkhbayar should be eligible to run for another term as president, but that several politicians are making attempts to push out him of the election by exerting control over state authorities because N.Enkhbayar is a very strong opponent.