Six-year-old Ts.Michidmaa was crowned at the international children’s forum of charity, Best Princess of the World 2017, which took place from April 17 to 24 in Batumi, Georgia.

The Best Princess of the World pageant had 48 participants from all over the world, namely India, Ukraine, Hungary, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Mongolia, Estonia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Latvia, Uzbekistan and the USA.

This is the first year competing in the Best Princess of the World for Mongolian contestants.

J.Suvd and Ts.Michidmaa represented Mongolia in the competition. Ts.Michimdaa won the best actress and best princess categories of the five to seven years old categories.

J.Suvd and Ts.Michidmaa

Ts.Michidmaa was cast in two Mongolian films, “Az Jargal” (Happiness) and “Ulgeriin Baatar Gertee Kharikh Zamd” (Fairytale Characters’ Road to Home).

The young pageants competed in the costumes, talent shows, and eco project. They also attended the evening of friendship event, botanical garden, photoshoots, meeting with the government, and interview with the jury.


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