Prime Minister reports on agriculture projects

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat

During Parliament’s Friday session, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat held a briefing about harvest projects and programs the government is executing through 2017.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat emphasized that the government expects Mongolian farmers to sow 362,100 hectares of wheat, 15,100 hectares of potatoes, 8,500 hectares of other vegetables, 23,200 hectares of fodder, 28,600 hectares of oil producing crops, and 1,000 hectares of fruit this year.

The Prime Minister said that this month the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry organized a national forum that brought together a group of over 500 farmers, agricultural enterprises, farms, and state agriculture officials from the nine districts of Ulaanbaatar and 330 soums in the 21 provinces to discuss agricultural policy, share their opinions, and to adopt new technologies and innovative ways to improve crop breeding.

He noted that the government is buying equipment through a soft loan from the Government of China to improve irrigation efficiency, and that farmers and enterprises are receiving four-year soft loans from the Crop Production Promotion Fund (CPPF). The Prime Minister pointed out that Cabinet agreed to submit a bill to Parliament which includes tax relief measures for entrepreneurs and farmers, as well as the opportunity to import agricultural equipment, plant food, and supplements without being required to pay import tariffs.

He added that as the government executes its policy to promote agricultural entrepreneurs and farmers, the agriculture sector will recover, the economic capability of farmers and entrepreneurs, and the use of healthy and safe products will increase.

The Prime Minister also noted that Mongolia is collaborating with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to implement a project to improve fruit production. The project has been launched to plant apples that can adapt to Mongolia’s winter and to cultivate black dates.

He stated that the CPPF has provided farmers with pesticides. He added that the outlook for summer is warmer temperatures than last year, so farmers need to focus on preventing the loss of crops due to environmental conditions.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the government is working to implement mid-term programs to develop fruit and vegetable crops, wheat policy reform, and a young farmer project under the Atriin 3 Campaign, which is designed to improve agriculture.

The government will help improve farming equipment, financial services, and the law on insurance for farming. He added that the government will focus on increasing yields by improving crop management, the use of pesticides, and protecting the soil.