PM meets with Gilead Sciences representatives to fight hepatitis

Kamarck introduces the Prime Minister to Gilead Sciences' Harvoni program

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat met with Ben Kamarck, Asia Pacific Regional Director of U.S. pharmaceuticals manufacturer Gilead Sciences, on Thursday to discuss cooperation in fighting hepatitis in Mongolia.

Gilead Sciences is implementing a project to reduce liver disease in Mongolia, and is providing 3,000 Mongolian patients with the hepatitis C medication Harvoni at a lower cost.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister underlined that the Government of Mongolia is working to dramatically reduce the number of Mongolians diagnosed with liver disease by implementing the Eleg Buten Mongol Program, as well as bringing down the number of people infected with the hepatitis C virus.

He noted that Cabinet agreed to support MP Yo.Baatarbileg’s initiative for hepatitis patients between the ages of 45 to 60 in Arkhangai Province. The Ministry of Health has organized the distribution of Gilead Sciences medication to 1,000 patients receiving free medical services so far.

Kamarck emphasized that Harvoni has  been shown to have a 98 percent success rate in the treatment of hepatitis C, and  it is one the most expensive hepatitis C medications on the market. He added that the government’s program to fight hepatitis will have a great impact on public health, and that Gilead Sciences will successfully implement the program in Arkhangai Province.