Through the investigation of last week’s fatal grenade accident, investigators learned that one of the two military officers who died in the accident pushed three officers away from the live grenade and threw himself on top of it in an effort to save the lives of others nearby.

The investigators reported that the officer’s body absorbed the primary impact of the grenade’s explosion and shrapnel,  and his actions prevented more death or serious injury from occurring. Reportedly, a number of officers were sitting in a circle when one officer pulled the grenade’s pin and trigger.

A joint investigation being carried out by the Mongolian Armed Forces and General Police Department found that the Head Officer of Military Unit No.350’s Brigade No.350 was inebriated when the training took place.

“Due to poor supervision and a lack of responsibility, firearms were taken out the day before combat training,” stated a police spokesperson.  He said that the person in charge of the training reportedly prepared the weapons in advance because he found it to be a hassle to transport them back and forth.

It was reported that a few hours after the accident occurred, three colonels visited the Tavan Tolgoi military training center with the former head of the Mongolian Armed Forces. No official statement has been made about why the officials went to the site of the accident.

According to Unuudur, over 20 years ago, Mongolian soldiers activated a grenade in a non-combat setting, and like last week’s incident, a military officer threw himself on top the grenade to protect others. It was noted that the officer from that incident survived but suffered serious wounds.

Brigade No.350 trains peacekeepers who are under the direct supervision of Operations Management at the Mongolian Armed Forces.

The investigation of the grenade accident is still underway.


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