Children ask for safer roads at Liberty Square

More than 50 children and their parents marched at Liberty Square on April 10, in observance of the Traffic Police Department’s Day to Prevent Childhood Traffic Accidents. They marched to help raise awareness about the importance of traffic safety.

The Traffic Police organized the fourth annual Day to Prevent Childhood Traffic Accidents to promote traffic safety, enhance the public’s knowledge of traffic safety, and to encourage people to become more responsible drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

The possessions of child victims of traffic collisions, such as balls, bags, shoes, and toys, were displayed at the square, while children marched with signs that read “Slow down and light the future”, “An educated person acts properly”, “The moment you exceed the speed limit, you will live a life you don’t want”, and “Children need safety seatbelts”.

The Ulaanbaatar Traffic Police Department reported that within the first three months of this year, 13 children died and 34 children were injured in traffic collisions. The report shows that 12 children died in collisions that occurred while traveling in the countryside.

Last year, according to traffic accident reports, 50 children died and 1,078 children survived collisions with light or serious injuries. The majority of these children were not wearing seatbelts. The primary causes of traffic accidents involving children included drivers exceeding the speed limit or violating traffic rules, and children running in front of vehicles.


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