The foundation stone for new twin bridges in Yarmag was laid on April 3.

The old Yarmag Bridge, built in 1959, will be redeveloped into twin bridges in the 4th khoroo of Khan-Uul District over the next four years. The project is being funded by a soft loan from the Chinese government. The project’s implementer believe that the project will boost economic growth, provide safer and more comfortable driving conditions, and expand the city’s transportation and logistics network once completed.

April 3 groundbreaking ceremony for the new bridges
April 3 groundbreaking ceremony for the new bridges

China Railway 20th Bureau Group will carry out the project with assistance from SRP Engineer Consulting Mongolia LLC.

Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold gave a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony and said, “Bridge expansion and maintenance is one of the most urgent problems facing the improvement of traffic management in Ulaanbaatar. The majority of bridges in the city were built between 1960 and 1986, and have been used for over half a century. Hence, repair and maintenance work is essential.”

In addition to fixing Yarmag Bridge and building a new bridge in Khan-Uul District, the Chinese soft loan will be used to finance two more major development projects. Funding will go to rebuilding the Bayanzurkh and Sonsgolon bridges and to expanding the 20.9 kilometer road between the Nalaikh and Choir intersections. The estimated funding required for these projects is 132.3 million USD, according to Mayor S.Batbold.

“Despite economic challenges, we will effectively use all our resources to quickly carry out spring development projects and improve the living conditions of residents in the capital. In the next four years, we will push forward bridge redevelopment and expansion works, which will play a major role in city traffic management,” Mayor S.Batbold underlined.

The Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office says it plans to launch 39 projects to fix and expand roads throughout Ulaanbaatar, at a total cost of 44.9 billion MNT. Maintenance and expansion work has been planned for 1.4 kilometers of road between the Khailaast and Dari-Ekh intersections, a 1.3 kilometer road between Naran and Orbit streets, a 2.4 kilometer road between Zaisan Memorial and Bogd Khan Mountain, a one kilometer road between the Bayangol District bus terminal and Hospital for Injury and Trauma, and roads along Davaajav, Damdin and Nairamdal streets in Nalaikh District.


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