Speaker M.Enkhbold visits Japan

Speaker M.Enkhbold meeting with Japanese officials

Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold is paying an official visit to Japan and participated in a meeting organized by the leadership of Mongolian and Japanese friendship associations and societies.

In making the meeting’s opening remarks, the Head of the Japan-Mongolia Friendship Association (JMFA) highlighted that relations and cooperation between the two countries have been progressing since the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, and members of the JMFA are pleased with the close relationship between the two nations.

JMFA members met with Speaker M.Enkhbold and his delegation to discuss futures plan and asked the Mongolian delegation about which sectors, excluding the mining sector, Mongolia is working to develop.

They pointed out that there are three flights between Ulaanbaatar and Tokyo per week, but booking tickets in Japan is very hard. They said that increasing MIAT Mongolian Airlines flights would be of significant importance to developing cooperation between the two countries.

The Speaker of Parliament thanked the friendship societies in Japan for their assistance for their work in developing cultural exchanges, people-topeople relationships, and humanitarian assistance.

Speaker M.Enkhbold met with Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan Tadamori Oshima and President of Japan’s House of Councilors Chuichi Date on Tuesday.

Speaker Oshima noted that cooperation between the legislatures of the two countries is important for developing mutual cooperation, and that he hopes Speaker M.Enkhbold’s visit to Japan will help strengthen the relationship between the two nations.

Speaker Oshima said that he heard Mongolian athletes participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be training in Japan. He said that he will tell the leadership of Aomori Prefecture, where he was born, to help make the Mongolian athletes comfortable during their stay.

During Speaker M.Enkhbold’s meeting with President of Japan’s House of Councilors Chuichi Date, the Speaker thanked Japan for helping Mongolia to overcome its economic challenges and to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

Date underlined that cooperation and friendship between the non-governmental organizations of the two countries are very important to developing fruitful and friendly relations.