Author L.Ulziitugs presents her book in Belgium

From right: G.Ayurzana, L.Ulziitugs, and O.Och

The European Institute for Asia Studies, in cooperation with the Embassy of Mongolia in Belgium, hosted a roundtable meeting on “Mongolian Poetry” with Mongolian author L.Ulziitugs on March 13, in Brussels, Belgium.

During the roundtable meeting, L.Ulziitugs presented her book “Aquarium: Nouvelles de la Mongolie d’aujourd hui”.

The author is currently touring Europe to promote her book. French publishing company, Borealia, has partnered with L.Ulziitugs.

17352613_1366439726711554_38864966_n“Aquarium: Nouvelles de la Mongolie d’aujourd hui” is the forth Mongolian book to be translated into French.

CEO of the European Institute for Asia Studies Alex Goethals and Ambassador of Mongolia to Belgium O.Och opened the roundtable meeting.

Author S.Ulziitugs underlined the importance of French literature, arts and culture in modern Mongolia and the great influence that authors such as Verne, Hugo, Balzac and Sartre have on contemporary Mongolian writers and poets.

During her tour, author L.Ulziitugs and her husband G.Ayurzana, who is also a famous Mongolian writer, attended a book exhibition in Brussels from March 9 to 13. The exhibition is held annually to promote literature that are being published in French, and those written by well-respected writers from France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Canada.

L.Ulziitugs is the author of the novel “Nudnii Shilend Uldsen Zurguud” (The Pictures That Remain in the Eyeglasses) and four books of poetry.

In 2002, her poetry collection “Erkh Chuluutei Baikhiin Urlag Buyu Shine Nom” was nomi-
nated for the national literary award Altan Ud (Golden Feather).


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