Seven sports figures to campaign for MNOC presidency


The general assembly of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee (MNOC) is scheduled to be held on March 24, where the committee’s president, vice president and executive board members will be elected.

A total of 167 members of the MNOC will participate in the election. Thirty-two Olympic sports federations, 36 non-Olympic sports federations, 29 members from the Mongolian Olympic Council, one member from the International Olympic Committee, and two representatives from athletes’ council will vote for new administrators.

A total of seven people have been nominated for the MNOC presidency.

Nominees are president of the Mongolian Knucklebone Shooting Association Ya.Batsuuri, president of the Mongolian Volleyball Association Ts.Bat-Enkh, secretary-general of the Mongolian Draughts Federation Ch.Bat-Erdene, president of the Mongolian Weightlifting Federation D.Zagdsuren, secretary-general of the Mongolian Athletics Federation Ch.Zorigtbaatar, president of the Mongolian Biathlon Association E.Munkh-Ochir, and president of the Mongolian Gymnastics Federation L.Khaltar.


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