An impressive exhibition called “Chinggis Khaan, World Conqueror on Horseback” launched at the National Military Museum in the Netherlands last month.

Over 200 rare masterpieces and special treasures, such as a golden saddle, clothes, and weapons that were believed to have been used by Chinggis Khaan and jewelry worn by Mongolian queens, on loan from the Inner Mongolian Museum in Hohhot, China, are displayed in the exhibition.

Visitors of the exhibition have the chance to create their own bow and arrow, and to taste Mongolian dishes.

The museum also published the book “Khaan for Kids”, which gives children the opportunity to learn more about the “Chinggis Khaan, World Conqueror on Horseback” exhibition in an appealing and creative way.

The National Military Museum of the Netherlands is the first museum in Europe to host an exhibition about Chinggis Khaan.

Chinggis Khaan’s golden saddle


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