Mayor of Ulaanbaatar meets with the city’s entrepreneurs

Mayor S.Batbold meeting with some city's entrepreneurs

On Tuesday, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold met with entrepreneurs to listen to their ideas and to promote their business initiatives and efforts.

Entrepreneur N.Munkhbayar introduced Mayor S.Batbold to his company that makes rubber paving slabs by recycling used tires.

He emphasized that his company’s technology has a positive impact on reducing trash and air pollution, and that he wanted to provide Ulaanbaatar with low-priced, domestically made products for its landscaping projects.

Mayor S.Batbold told N.Munkhbayar to submit his company’s information,  including pricing for his products, to the Office of Manufacturing and Innovation, the Procurement Agency of Ulaanbaatar, and other state authorities.

The Mayor said the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office will promote entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and developing domestic manufacturing.

N.Ganbaatar, the director of a construction company, said that his company started collaborating with Russian companies to build a 6,837 square meter apartment complex. He said the concrete foundation of the complex was poured four years ago, but their construction project has stopped due to issues concerning the land it sits on.

He asked the Mayor to resolve the problem facing the project. A state official in charge of urban planning told him that the issues concerning the location of the construction project are being investigated by a court, and after Ulaanbaatar’s urban planning officials talk with state authorities  on land affairs, the Mayor’s Office will follow up on the project.