Foreign Affairs Ministry discusses developing agricultural cooperation with Argentina

The state secretaries signing a draft agreement between on establishing a visa waiver

The first consultative meeting of the foreign affairs ministries of Mongolia and Argentina took place on March 9, in Ulaanbaatar.

State Secretary of the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs D.Davaasuren and State Secretary of the Argentinean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gustavo Zlauvinen chaired the meeting.

The sides discussed developing political, trade, economic, and humanitarian cooperation, as well as other sectors with the potential for collaboration and objectives for developing cooperation between the two countries.

The Argentinean delegation pointed out that Argentina has collaborated with Indonesia to improve dairy technology; with Cambodia to improve animal health and to adapt beef processing technology that meets international standards; and with Armenia to develop agriculture based on the use of innovative technology.

The delegation said that Argentina is ready to send its agricultural specialists to Mongolia and to arrange a visit to Argentina for Mongolia’s Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry.

During the meeting, they also noted that promoting collaboration between Argentinean and Mongolian entrepreneurs working in agriculture will be of importance to developing agricultural cooperation.

The Argentinean side stated that they will pursue possibilities to train Mongolian students in agriculture in Buenos Aires, and to enroll Mongolian diplomats in the National Foreign Service Institute.

At the end of the meeting, the state secretaries initialed a draft agreement between the governments of Mongolia and Argentina on establishing a visa waiver for all passport holders of the two countries.


  1. Mongolians should learn from Argentinians, Uruguayans, and Brazilians how to divide beef into cuts. I perplexes me that people who have been eating meat for thousands of years simply throw chunks of an animal carcass into a pot of boiling water and say proudly they are ‘ulaan makhchen’!