Over 70 photojournalists from the United Association of Mongolian Photographers gathered in Tseel and Ugtaaltsaidam soums of Tuv Province for the Nomad 2017 photo tour on March 6.

Photographers from Selenge, Tuv, Darkhan and Erdenet provinces took part Nomad 2017.

The United Association of Mongolian Photographers organized the photography tour to help preserve the nomadic traditions of Mongolia and promote ancient migratory ways to tourists.

The photographers captured astonishing moments with Mongolian camel and horses during Nomad 2017. The governor’s offices of Ugtaaltsaidam and Tseel soums of Tuv Province helped photographers discover attractions for tourism in rural areas.

The photographers spent a day at herder N.Saruul’s home, who spends spring in Ikh Khanginakh, Tseel soum. Herds of camels, nomad culture, the process of migrating, and the lifestyle of nomads were captured by the Nomad 2017 photographers.

During the photo tour, a horsemanship competition took place among 20 herders. A horse herder from Tseel soum, N.Namsrai, won first place.

The United Association of Mongolian Photographers is planning to organize a photo tour every year to share nomadic traditions with the public and develop tourism in rural areas.

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A family moving by camel
A family setting up a ger
Three women welcoming guests with traditional food
A performer competing in horsemanship competition
Photographers at Nomad 2017
Horseman picking up an uurga (lasso pole) from the ground
A kid at Nomad 2017
A kid at Nomad 2017


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