Imax Awards to select best Mongolian films of 2016


Mongol Film Development Fund and Urgoo Cinema will jointly organize the Imax Awards to select the best Mongolian films of 2016 next month.

The Imax Awards aims to “promote Mongolian filmmakers to the world, support filmmakers to make mind-blowing creations, and educate young generations.”

Organizers of the Imax Awards announced a contest for the design of the winner’s cup. A.Sodjargal, designer at Erdenet Mining Corporation, won the competition. Over 10 artists competed in the contest.

A total of 46 Mongolian films were officially released in 2016 and the public is able to vote for films in the best make-up artist, best sound engineer, best soundtrack, best music, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best cinematographer, best script writer, best director, best male protagonist, best female protagonist, best film, best design, and the best film showcasing Mongolian tradition and culture categories through


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