In light of recent allegations that illegal gambling operations were being carried out at the Mongolian embassy in Moscow, State Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry D.Davaasuren held a press conference and explained that the Mongolian embassy was no longer a tenant of the Russian property when the alleged gambling operations took place.

The building in question was built in 1965, and Russian authorities determined the building to be dangerous due to its age. As a result, Mongolian embassy workers moved to Building No. 105. The Foreign Affairs Ministry reported that after that, in 2007, a private company called Moscow Center Region Style signed a contract to rent out the building for ten years. D.Davaasuren noted that the contract was set to end in September of this year.

“By order of the Foreign Affairs Minister, Ambassador to Russia B.Delgermaa contacted the tenants and was told that there was no gambling operations taking place there. When embassy workers visited the building, there was no police seal as reported and the doors were locked,” State Secretary D.Davaasuren told the media.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has stated they are investigating the matter in order to verify claims. The three-story, 1,300 cubic meter building was originally built to be a residential property.

Russian law enforcement has not contacted the Foreign Affairs Ministry regarding the allegations, and the Ministry stated that if it found that illegal gambling had taken place on the property, they would terminate their contract immediately.


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