The State Housing Corporation will launch the second registration for the State Rental Housing Program on March 31 and April 1.

Reportedly, 214 three-room apartments in Buyant Ukhaa-2 residential area and 146 three-room apartments in provincial centers are available for rent. Residential lease agreements are for a five-year term.

Under the revised procedures of the program, people above the age of 21, who don’t own an apartment or house with the intention to live permanently in the area, and have financial means to pay the deposit and utility bills are eligible to apply.

To apply, applicants must bring a notarized copy of their ID card, a valid proof of current residential address, application, and a notarized copy of income statement.

Buyant Ukhaa-2
Buyant Ukhaa-2

Newly married couples under the age of 35, public servants, self-employed people, employees of private companies, families with more than four children under the age of 18, single parents, old age pension applicants, and those living with disabilities and their caretakers, as well as people who became homeless after a natural disaster will be preferred, according to the requirements for applicants.

A total of 3,359 people applied in the first registration for the State Rental Housing Program, held between March 21 and 30 in 2016, but only 1,443 were accepted.


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