Mongol Bank decided on February 10 that it will omit 25,621 loans from its loan database, and the loans will not be included in any credit references issued by the bank.

The following criteria were set for the loans that will be omitted:

1. The loan must have a duration of less than one year

2. The loan must not be more than 12 times the minimum wage

3. The loan must not have a record of more than one default prior to January 31, 2017

This decision has been described by Mongol Bank as a one-time policy decision. Central bank officials say that is designed to give citizens and businesses equal opportunities to receive financial services.

Although there are no laws restricting citizens and businesses with outstanding loans from applying for new loans, many banks and financial institutions avoid issuing loans to high risk borrowers. Mongol Bank’s omission of specific loans from its loan database will benefit the credit scores of borrowers looking to borrow again in the future


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