The Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry will be organizing their annual Mongolian investment forum at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Forum 2017, held from March 5 to 8, in Toronto.

The conference will focus on mining’s investment environment, ways to improve the competitiveness of the mining sector, exploration opportunities, and new potential projects.

Speakers and panelists for the Mongolian investment forum will include senior Mongolian officials, senior executives of top foreign mining companies already operating in Mongolia, Mongolian Ambassador to Canada R.Altangerel, and Canadian Ambassador to Mongolia Ed Jager. Other presenters include the popular columnist and economic commentator Jargalsaikhan Dambadarjaa, who will be a moderating the first session, “Building a better mining country”.

There are 240 registered participants for the Mongolian forum, 150 of which are representatives of investment companies. Representatives from prominent mining companies, including the CEOs of Aspire Mining, Xanadu Mines, and Erdene Resource Development, will also be in attendance and give keynote presentations. Executive Chairman of Steppe Gold Matthew Wood, a company planning to launch its IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange, will be giving a presentation on the “Successful track record in Mongolia and introduction of an advanced stage, near-production gold and silver project.” Steppe Gold is currently undertaking exploration activities at the Altan Tsagaan Ovoo Project.

PDAC International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange is a four-day annual convention for people, companies and organizations in, or connected with, mineral exploration and finance. More than 900 exhibitors and 22,000 attendees from 125 countries participate in the convention. The convention first began in 1932 and is considered a prominent convention for the world’s mineral and finance industries.


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