Winners of 29th Morin Khuur Festival announced

E.Ankhbayar and Sh.Ulziibayar

The final round and awarding ceremony of the 30th Morin Khuur Festival, which selects the best morin khuur song of the year, was held on February 23 at the State Academic Theater of Opera and Drama in Ulaanbaatar.

“Teneger Ikh Tal” (Wide Steppe) by composer Sh.Ulziibayar and poet N.Bayanmunkh won the Grand Prix of the Morin Khuur Festival. Soloist of the State Opera and Ballet Academic Theater E.Ankhbayar sang “Teneger Ikh Tal”.

The first place went to “Gegeen Nutag” (Holy Land) by T.Ser-Od and poet Kh.Chilaajav. State Honored Artist U.Dalantai sang “Gegeen Nutag” at the festival.

The second place went to “Aavtai Orchlon” (The World with Father) by Sh.Sugartseren and Ch.Nandintsetseg.

The third place went to “Iim l Saikhan” (Such a Beauty) by composer B.Byambajav and poet B.Tsermaa.The Mongolian Union of Composers

The Mongolian Union of Composers organizes the festival annually, and a total of 25 songs were selected to compete in the final round of this year’s festival.

Artists from Buryatia, Kalmykia and Inner Mongolian competed in this year’s contest.

The previous year’s Grand Prix prize went to “Burkhan Khaldun” by State Honored Artist and People’s Artist N.Jantsannorov and G.Bayar.


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