Olympic silver medalist boxer N.Tugstsogt, better known as “King Tug”, entered the ring for his eighth professional fight on February 25 at Legacy Arena in Alabama.

N.Tugstsogt fought against Jhon Gemino from the Philippines for 10 rounds and defeat-
ed him by a technical knockout.


Nicknamed “The Disaster”, Jhon Gemino is a 24-year- old experienced boxer and has had 24 fights in his professional boxing career.

Jhon won 15 out of his 24 fights by a knockout. He is currently ranked 58th among 1,395 pro boxers in the world.Mongolia’s N.Tugstsogt has had eight fights in

Mongolia’s N.Tugstsogt has had eight fights in his pro career, and won all of them by a knockout. After beating Jhon Gemino, he advanced to 27th place in the world ranking list. Previously, he was ranked 71st.


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