President awards state titles to horse trainers

President Ts.Elbegdorj gives speech at the ceremony

President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj bestowed state titles to respected horse trainers on February 23 at the State Palace.

Horse trainer from Dornod Province O.Batbileg, T.Battsooj of Khovd Province, T.Gantumur of Govi-Altai Province, S.Luvsanbaldan of Tuv Province, and B.Otgonnasan of Uvurkhangai Province were awarded the State Principal Horse Trainer title.

The State Leading Horse Trainer title went to B.Badraa of Umnugovi Province, L.Batmunkh and Ts.Gantumur of Govi-Altai Province, T.Boldbaatar of Khuvsgul Province, T.Galbadrakh of Zavkhan Province, T.Ikhbayar of Tuv Province, and U.Purevbaatar of Arkhangai Province.

Horse trainer of Bayangol District B.Baasanbazar; O.Batbold, S.Kherlen and B.Sukhbaatar of Tuv Province; G.Bayartsogt of Orkhon Province; G.Buyantogtokh of Bagakhangai District; N.Zorigt of Govi-Altai Province; B.Lkhagva-Ochir and S.Munkhbat of Dundgovi Province; P.Sergelen of Uvurkhangai Province; and Yu.Tugsjargal of Uvs Province received the State Honored Horse Trainer title.

After awarding state titles to horse trainers, President Ts.Elbegdorj said, “Congratulations to all. The Year of the Monkey is about to end and the Year of the Rooster is coming. I want to wish long-lasting happiness to all of you who protect the most important nomadic heritage of Mongolia – horses – and enrich the culture of Mongolian horse training.”

“From ancient times, Mongolians always rode with their horses. The horse is an inspirational animal for nomadic Mongolians. That’s why the horse is inscribed in the state coat of arms. Every historic success of Mongolia is related to horses,” he added.

The President said, “Horse trainers and herders are the people who have inherited the culture of horse breeding and training. The state values your contributions in traditional horse racing. So I present state titles to you. I also want to congratulate child jockeys and your families. I hope you will spread the horse culture and entertain Mongolians with powerful horses for many years to come. Have a festive Tsagaan Sar!”


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