Hasu Cup 2017 volleyball tournament was organized by the Mongolian Volleyball Association and Hasu Megastars Club from February 14 to 19 at Eco Sports Complex.

Tenuun-Ogoo team, led by E.Saikhanbaatar, claimed gold medal in the men’s match. Tenuun-Ogoo won silver medal in last year’s Hasu Cup. Megastars and Erchim teams won silver and bronze medals respectively.

Altain Bars team claimed the winner’s cup in the women’s tournament. They were followed by Enagura and Tenuun-Ogoo teams.

A total of 14 volleyball teams (nine men’s and five women’s) competed in the Hasu Cup 2017. This year’s Hasu Cup took place at Eco Sports Complex in Khan-Uul District.
During the closing ceremony of the tournament, the best players of the tournament were announced.

Tenuun-Ogoo’s International Sports Master E.Saikhanbaatar was selected as the best male player and D.Unentuya of Altain Bars became the best female player.

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Megastars vs Tenuun-Ogoo

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