Mongolia swipes 41 medals from Korea Open Memory Championship

Mongolian athletes after the tournament

A Mongolian memory team comprised of 19 athletes competed in the first Korea Open Memory Championship, which took place in Seoul from February 17 to 19, and won 41 medals.

Mongolian athletes won 14 gold, 15 silver and 12 bronze medals and renewed several world memory records.

B.Khangal broke the world record in the junior age category of image, B.Ariunsanaa in the teenage age category of image, E.Lkhagvadulam in the random cards category, and

G.Enkhlen in the spoken numbers category.
International Sports Master E.Lkhagvadulam won gold medal and B.Ariunsanaa gained bronze medal in the teenage category overall. B.Khangal and O.Tuvshinzaya each received bronze medals in the junior category.

A total of 178 competitors from 12 countries challenged their memory skills in 10 categories: names and faces, binary numbers, five-min images, speed numbers, historic date, random cards, random words, random numbers, spoken numbers, speed cards.


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