Prime Minister and Governor of Irkutsk meet to develop economic cooperation

PM J.Erdenebat meets with Governor of Russia’s Irkutsk Region Sergei Levchenko

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat received the Governor of Russia’s Irkutsk Region, Sergei Levchenko, and his accompanying delegation on Thursday at the State House to talk about cooperation between Mongolia and Irkutsk.

The PM underlined that economic cooperation and developing collaboration in areas along the Mongolian and Russian border are of great importance to expanding relations and cooperation between Mongolia and Russia.

He noted that the Government of Mongolia is concentrating on developing agriculture, and that Mongolia is interested in collaborating with Irkutsk to establish joint ventures in hotbed farming and wood processing.

Governor Levchenko supported the PM’s proposals for collaboration and noted that 25 business owners from Irkutsk were traveling with the governor to pursue business relationships with Mongolian entrepreneurs.

The Governor emphasized that an Irkutsk Region Investment Development Agency is opening a branch in Ulaanbaatar, and that the quota for Mongolian students invited to study roads and transportation in Irkutsk has been increased.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Mongolians like consuming Russian goods and that the Irkutsk investment agency office in Ulaanbaatar will be important for increasing Russian investment in Mongolia.

He emphasized that Irkutsk’s goods and products will be sold duty free during an upcoming expo for Mongolian and Russian entrepreneurs.

The Premier said that he hopes Governor Levchenko will help support Irkutsk’s entrepreneurs interested in investing in Mongolia and that Russian businesses will be collaborating with Mongolian entrepreneurs as soon as possible.