“The Voice”, a singing competition officially licensed for broadcast in 62 countries, will officially launch in Mongolia on Mongol TV.

Director of Mongol TV Ch.Nomin elaborated on bringing “The Voice” to Mongolia, making this the second major talent show franchise licensed by her network.

Director of Mongol TV Ch.Nomin
Director of Mongol TV Ch.Nomin

When did you starting working on acquiring “The Voice”?

In 2015, I started thinking about bringing “The Voice” to Mongolia. After negotiating for a year and a half, we finally got the rights. We will start preparing for the show on February 18.

Why did you choose “The Voice”?

Mongol TV is working to officially broadcast the top five shows on television around the world. Mongolians have to watch content meeting international standards, then we can develop our entertainment industry.

“The Voice” is very high-level entertainment content. Also, we have experience in producing international content, because we successfully produced “Mongolia’s Got Talent”.

Does this mean you won’t be airing “Mongolia’s Got Talent” anymore?

For “Mongolia’s Got Talent”, we have already signed a contract to continue. Producing “Mongolia’s Got Talent” was a great decision, because it met international standards. The world accepted “Mongolia’s Got Talent”, that’s why we will continue it, but we have to broadcast one contest a year. This year we will produce “The Voice” and next year we will produce “Mongolia’s Got Talent”.

You spent 1.5 billion MNT on “Mongolia’s Got Talent”. What’s the cost for “The Voice”?

Two billion MNT is expected to be spent on “The Voice”. The scale of these two contests is almost the same. “The Voice” requires more work. Plus, “The Voice” has so many rounds. We have to build a number of different stages. The rules of “The Voice” are very interesting, and it is good content.

Of course you’ve solved financial issues before the show will start. Who are your show’s sponsors?

We need to spend a lot of money on this con- tent. That’s why we can’t face risks. I met many people and exchanged ideas about broadcasting this show. We found one of the show’s sponsors but it’s too soon to make an announcement.

What’s the difference between “Mongolia’s Got Talent” and “The Voice”?

I wanted Mongolians to learn about Mongolians when I started doing “Mongolia’s Got Talent”. I achieved my goal. Everyone was welcome to compete in “Mongolia’s Got Talent”.

For “The Voice”, it is a professional competition. It aims to select real and professional singers; only the best competitors are eligible to participate in “The Voice”. The show will be based on three words: talent, quality, and skill. People who are talented singers will compete, not dreamers.

Have you chosen the judges?

The criteria for judges is high. The panel of judges should include a singer or producer who quickly became a star and is still shining, or someone who has a lot of experience in the entertainment industry. We haven’t chosen judges yet.

What prize will the winner earn?

The winner will receive a record deal with Universal Music Group, a global music corporation. This is a brilliant opportunity. We will also give the winner a cash prize. I’d rather keep that secret.

We are planning to broadcast “The Voice” in 2017, if we can, but I am not sure. I think 2018 sounds more realistic.



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