Speaker’s province tour heads west

Speaker M.Enkhbold speaking to Zavkhan's residents

Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold, accompanied by a delegation of Cabinet and Parliament members, are paying a working visit to Zavkhan, Uvs, Khovd and Bayan-Ulgii provinces from February 13 to 15.

During Speaker M.Enkhbold’s meeting with residents of Uliastai in Zavkhan Province, he introduced them to laws that were approved during the fall session of Parliament, the nation’s current economic situation, and the state’s ongoing and upcoming projects in place to deal with economic challenges.

The Speaker noted that Parliament is focusing on economic recovery, pursuing foreign investment, strengthening discipline, and enhancing the legal and regulatory environment for banks, finance, taxes, and welfare.

Uliastai residents told the Speaker and his accompanying delegation that the ruling political party in Zavkhan dismissed a lot of senior local government officials and replaced them with their party’s supporters after province government elections took place last year.

They also said that unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing Zavkhan, and asked Speaker M.Enkhbold to continue supporting senior welfare, to implement health projects and programs in the province, and to focus on creating jobs for Zavkhan’s young people.

The city’s residents asked Cabinet members about what measures the government is taking to build the Zavkhan and Telmen Thermal Power plants, complete Uliastai-Ulaanbaatar road construction, and open a regional milk processing plant.

Deputy Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry J.Saule pointed out that the region’s capacity to provide raw materials will be of significant importance to establishing a plan for opening a milk processing plant. She told the meeting’s attendees that Zavkhan’s government needs to put together a proposal to present to the ministry, and the ministry will study the possibility of opening a plant in Zavkhan if essential requirements are met.

Minister of Energy P.Gankhuu said that construction of the Telmen Thermal Power Plant has begun, despite tough negotiations for a concession agreement and later changes made to the agreement in 2016.

The Energy Minister noted that when he met with Shine Asia Mining Group to discuss the cost of the power plant, they said that they would continue construction. He added that the 2016-2020 government action plan includes the construction of the Zavkhan Thermal Power Plant, and that a South Korean loan of 130 million USD will finance power plant construction and renovation projects in 10 provinces being launched this year. Zavkhan Thermal Power Plant Project will be one of the projects financed.

Deputy Minister of Roads and Transportation B.Tsogtgerel noted that completion of the Uliastai-Ulaanbaatar highway is also outlined in the 2016-2020 government action plan, and that financing to complete the road’s construction will be resolved.