Small trade fairs are being organized throughout Ulaanbaatar to help locals prepare for Tsagaan Sar with more affordable domestic goods and services.

Vendors are selling milk and dairy products from Tariat soum in Arkhangai Province for low prices outside of the Wrestling Palace. Bayanzurkh District and Tariat soum are organizing the event for the third year, and several officials came to attend the opening and promote sales, including Deputy Bayanzurkh District Mayor T.Battsogt, Head of the district office B.Amartuvshin, Head of Bayanzurkh District Trade Services Department B.Khaliunaa, Tariat Soum Council Head B.Battsogtokh and Tariat Soum Mayor G.Altan-Ochir.

The fair features clean and healthy products made by herders. More than 100 herders from Tariat soum brought over 80 tons of dairy products for sale, including aaruul, airag, milk, urum (cream formed on boiled milk), cheese, curds, yoghurt, and liquor made of fermented milk.

The trade fair will continue until Monday outside of the Wrestling Palace.

өйшжIn addition, dairy products from Tariat soum were selected as the “best” products from Arkhangai Partnership Trade Fair for two years in a row, and Tariat residents carried out a project to improve the quality of products of animal origin for the last three years.

Chingeltei District partnered with Business Incubator Center and Neg Arkhangai NGO, and is organizing a fair outside the Independence Palace. The fair aims to promote small and medium-sized enterprises for the 25th anniversary of Chingeltei District, and will be available until February 20.

At the initiative of Global Event Company, Shangri Mall opened a fair for Tsagaan Sar preparations on February 4. The fair features modernized Mongolian deel, shoes, accessories, belts, gift sets, and more.

Another fair, Made in Mongolia 2016, will take place from February 12 to 26 at Soyolj Center, located along Sun Road.

Traditional pastries for Tsagaan Sar, sweets, nuts coated in milk, fruits, gifts, cashmere and leather products, winter deel, meat and everything else you need for the celebration will be available at the fair with discounted prices.


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