Winter driving restriction: 1) Thermal Power Plant No.4 Intersection; 2) Sapporo; 3) Intersection at 4th microdistrict bus terminal; 4) Tasgany Ovoo Intersection; 5) 32 Intersection; 6) Dari-Ekh Intersection; 7) Traffic circle in front of School of Business Administration and Humanities of MUST; 8) Officer’s Palace; 9) Chuluun Ovoo Intersection; 10) Dunjingarav Market Intersection; 11) 120 Myangat Intersection; 12) Intersection of School of Mechanical and Technical Studies of MUST

The Ulaanbaatar Traffic Police Department (UTPD) changed the license plate restriction to reduce heightened traffic congestion during Tsagaan Sar.

Head of the UTPD Traffic Coordinating Committee B.Batbold introduced a new directive on the changes to traffic restrictions on February 1. He explained that traffic movement near large markets and trade centers escalates every year before Tsagaan Sar, as people from across the country come to the city for necessities for the celebration preparation. This year, Tsagaan Sar will start on February 28.

“Only vehicles with license plates ending with an even number can drive in Ulaanbaatar on Saturdays – February 11 and 18 – and those ending with an odd number can drive on Sun-
days – February 12 and 19. To reduce traffic load at large markets and trade centers, trade fairs will be organized for meat and dairy products in six districts. This will prevent heav congestions near large trade centers and markets, save time, save fuel and enable customers to shop comfortably,” B.Batbold stated.

The UTPD says it will increase the number of traffic police officers on duty by reassigning some public order trained officers to traffic management duties.

License restriction to be lifted during Tsagaan Sar

According to the new directive, license restrictions will not apply on the first three days of Tsagaan Sar, from February 28 to 30.

The UTPD advised drivers from rural areas to manage the time they enter the city to avoid penalty and reminded that Sapporo and Tavan Shar intersections have seen included in the winter license restriction zone.

Traffic police officers have also changed the two-way road near Khuchit Shonkhor Trade Center into a one-way road to moderate traffic overload. Drivers can only drive east from the southeastern road of the center to Dalan intersection, and from Dalan intersection to the intersection outside of Sundalt Center.restriction1

Residents living in suburbs can use public transportations to go to Narantuul, Denjiin Myanga and Khuchit Shonkhor Trade Centers during the weekends.


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