MPs call for improvements in infrastructure and civil aviation to develop tourism

A parliamentary session

MPs call for improvements in infrastructure and civil aviation to develop tourism

Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism D.Oyunkhorol held a briefing on tourism development during Wednesday’s meeting of Parliament’s Economic Standing Committee.

She emphasized that there should be expedited improvement of tourist infrastructure and facilities, especially those providing services between Ulaanbaatar and Khuvsgul, Dadal soum in Khentii Pronvince, and Terelj.

Minister D.Oyunkhorol noted that Mongolia received 404,000 visitors last year, and after enhancing the country’s capacity to receive visitors and improve the quality of tourism services, the number of foreign visitors could  dramatically increase.

The Minister pointed out that the state has not helped support the tourism industry for the past 25 years and that the private sector has been solely responsible for improving the industry.

She added that tour companies always ask state authorities to develop the civil aviation sector. The Minister said that there are only a few monopolistic companies that offer  flights within Mongolia, and an environment for free and fair competition should be created to improve domestic flights.

Member of Parliament L.Enkh-Amgalan said that ten gers and a latrine doesn’t make a suitable camp, so the state needs to support entrepreneurs engaged in tourism by offering tax facilities, focus on civil aviation sector reform, and enhance the legal environment.

At the end of the briefing, MPs agreed that the Economic Standing Committee should submit a proposal to Cabinet on how to deal with challenges facing the development of tourism.