Mongolian sumo wrestler Tokitenku A.Khuchitbaatar has passed away at the age of 37 on January 31 after battling against blood cancer for over a year.

Tokitenku A.Khuchitbaatar suffered from malignant lymphoma for more than a year and announced his retirement from sumo in August 2016.

While receiving cancer treatment, Tokitenku said, “The treatment dragged on and it was difficult to regain the fitness needed to train in sumo. The only thing I could do was to accept the situation. As a human being, sumo made me who I am.”

Tokitenku A.Khuchitbaatar stepped into the sumo world in 2002 and competed in 63 grand sumo tournaments and occupied sumo’s fourth-highest rank of komusubi for three tournaments during his 13-year career.

Tokitenku A.Khuchitbaatar was a loved and respected sumo wrestler by not only his countrymen but also by the global sumo fans.


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