MP S.Erdene wins the Democratic Party’s chairmanship election

From left: former DP Chairman Z.Enkhbold and Chairman-elect S.Erdene

The Democratic Party (DP) held an official press briefing at the State Palace on Monday, to announce the victory of MP S.Erdene in the party’s January 29 election for a new chairman.

MP S.Erdene won the race with 85,000 votes from DP members across Mongolia.

During the briefing, former DP Chairman Z.Enkhbold stressed that the DP has become bogged down by the power of party factions and oligarchy, and that he hopes he is the last party chairman to be intimidated by the fractions. On behalf of the DP, he congratulated S.Erdene and wished him success in his work.

S.Erdene pointed out the importance of the Democratic Party’s Sixth Congress making the decision to elect a new party chairman through votes from all members of the DP. Five candidates in the election travelled across Mongolia during the campaign to listen to the opinions of DP members on party reform.

S.Erdene said, “The five of us will work together to reform the party, and we have too much work to do because the presidential election will take place soon.”

MP J.Batzandan, one of the five candidates, noted that the race for the DP’s chairmanship was carried out successfully. He said he will actively collaborate with the newly elected chairman to successfully carry out all the reforms that were promised to party members during the election.

He said “Some complaints about this past Sunday’s election have arisen, but it is an internal affair for the DP and we all work together for the DP’s reform.” S.Erdene says he wants the DP to become a party without factions and free from the influences of oligarchies.

The new DP Chairman graduated from the law school of Defense University of Mongolia in 1984. He began working for the DP as the head of the party’s committee in Baganuur District in 1990.

S.Erdene served as Mayor of Bayangol District from 1996 to 2000, was Head of the Social Insurance General Office from 2004 to 2008, and was Minister of Population Development and Social Protection from 2012 to 2016. Since 2009, he has served as a Member of Parliament representing Bayangol District.

Following S.Erdene’s victory, Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold received the new party chairman to congratulate him on his win.

During their meeting, S.Erdene pointed out that the DP and the Mongolian People’s Party are the two pillars of the State of Mongolia, so the two parties must be “durable, straight, and strong”. He added that the main purpose of the two parties is to develop the nation by maintaining friendly relations despite the differences between the two parties.