The Moms and Dads Against Smog (MDAS) union is encouraging everyone to join Booj Ukhlee, a peaceful protest against air pollution, taking place at Sukhbaatar Square at noon on Saturday.

“Everyone is breathing smog, let’s fight for our right to breathe clean air” is the motto for the third demonstration being organized by MDAS.

This Saturday’s protest is expected to be larger than previous demonstrations, as it will feature special performances by famous bands and artists such as The Lemons, Mr. Dogs, and jazz singer Ts.Khulan.

Composer L.Chinbat and Niciton vocalist B.Batchuluun have announced that they will release a brand new song about smog at the protest, and artists from Mongol Mix Project are helping to organize the day’s events. Journalist G.Altanturuu will be hosting events at the protest, and Mongolian football commentator B.Batzaya will lead a flash mob at Sukhbaatar Square.

MDAS organizer B.Bundkhorol
MDAS organizer B.Bundkhorol

Singers B.Sarantuya and Nara, major figures in Mongolian rock and pop music, and well-known comedic actor Booyo have also said that they will attend the protest to stand up for clean air, but they will not be performing.

“I’m glad that more people understand the fact that the smog has reached a disastrous level. Everyone is responsible for actively participating in air pollution reduction efforts, not just making demands of the state,” says B.Bundkhorol, one of the organizers of the Booj Ukhlee protest.

MDAS organizer Ts.Purevkhuu
MDAS organizer Ts.Purevkhuu

Another MDAS organizer, Ts.Purevkhuu, highlighted that the demonstrations held on December 26, 2016, and on January 7 were very productive, and explained the reason for organizing another demonstration.

“We demanded that the government disclose information about spending on air pollution reduction projects implemented over the last 15 years by January 15, but they didn’t. We demanded that air pollution be reduced by 80 percent by 2018, but officials haven’t shown us any plans. We asked for statistics on child mortality, ambulance services, and weekly mortality rates, but this request wasn’t fulfilled either,” she said.

“Hundreds of billions of MNT have been spent on air pollution projects, yet air pollution has reached a disaster level. We, who have suffered both physically and financially, have the right to claim damages,” Ts.Purevkhuu said.

The name “Booj Ukhlee” has two meanings: the first translates to choking to death and the second meaning translates to feeling extremely frustrated and angry.demonstration



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