The Mongolian National Climbing Federation has organized the State Ice Climbing Championship, Ice Challenge 2016, in Nairamdal International Children’s Center on January 21 and 22.

Over 80 climbers from Ulaanbaatar and provinces competed in the speed and technique categories of the championship.

The first State Ice Climbing Championship was held in 2011 at the frozen Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall in Uvurkhangai Province by the initiation of State Honored Athlete G.Usukhbayar.

Organizers of the State Ice Climbing Championship 2016 explained that the event was delayed and held in 2017 due to bad weather conditions.

The highlight of this year’s championship was the launch of a 15-meter artificial ice wall in Nairamdal, which was used for the competitions instead of a natural ice formation like previous years.

The championship aims to sharpen the skills and experience of Mongolian climbers and give opportunities to new athletes.

Results of the Ice Challenge 2016:

Men’s adult (speed)
Medal Athlete Organization
Gold N.Kherlen Sutain Bor Club
Silver D.Otgonkhuu UB Hiking Club
Bronze D.Baasandorj Freelancer
Women’s adult (speed)
Gold O.Uugantsetseg Summit Club
Silver Ts.Enkhjargal Summit Club
Bronze B.Otgonchimeg Erdenet Uuliin Kholboo Club
Men’s senior (speed)
Gold Ch.Mandakhbayar Healthy Mongol Hiking Club
Silver Ts.Nyalkhbayar Mongol Daatgal LLC
Bronze B.Mandakh UB Hiking Club
Women’s senior (speed)
Gold G.Gerelchimeg Erdenet Uuliin Kholboo Club
Silver E.Enkhzul Mongol Daatgal LLC
Bronze B.Buyankhishig UB Hiking Club
Men’s masters (speed)
Gold Ch.Bat-Erdene Mountain Guide Federation
Silver N.Tugsbayar Nairamdal International Children’s Center
Bronze J.Byambasuren Khairkhan Traveler Club
Women’s masters (speed)
Gold T.Sarangerel Erdenet Uuliin Kholboo Club
Silver M.Oyunchimeg UB Hiking Club
Bronze Ts.Battsengel Erdenet Uuliin Kholboo Club
Men’s adult (technique)
Gold D.Enkhbaatar Access in Accessible Alpine Club
Silver O.Sainjargal Sutain Bor Mountaineering Club
Bronze N.Munkh-Erdene Nairamdal International Children’s Center
Women’s adult (technique)
Gold Ts.Enkhjargal Summit Club
Silver Ch.Angarag Mongol Daatgal LLC
Bronze E.Uranbolor UB Hiking Club
Gold Erdenet Uuliin Kholboo Club
Silver Healthy Mongol Hiking Club
Bronze UB Hiking Club


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